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Sense & Sensibility:

In the Fall of 2023 I designed Sense & Sensibility at Randolph College under Director Ally Farzetta.  Our concept for the play was Bridgerton meets the "You Need to Calm Down" by Taylor Swift  music video.  I used a lot of bright and bold colors with lots of floral textures. 


The Dashwoods are in light sage, mint green, baby blues, and lilac colors. Mama Dashwood has colors from all of her daughters in her costumes. They all have floral hints in their costumes, they are a country garden.


John Dashwood and Fanny are in lime greens with pinks. They feature dragonflies and butterflies since those are creatures that feed on flowers.


All of the gossips are in pink, which is the theme for anyone who enjoys gossip in this show.


Edward and Brandon are in greens (Elinor) and purples  (Marianne) to match their future wives colors. Lucy Steele and Robert are both in yellow because they end up together as well. Willoughby is dressed like a vampire, because the director made a playlist with Vampire by Olivia Roderigo on it and that song reminded me of him. 


Where the Dashwoods are in light colors, everyone else is in bright bold colors like yellow, orange, purples, and lime greens. Their florals are much more loud to show that they have money where the Dashwoods have lost theirs.


I built Elinor and Mama Dashwood's dresses, all of pelisses and overdresses, all of the black sheer mourning spencers, and several vests.​​

All show photos credited to Jill Nance Waugh, Randolph College.

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