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Alice in Wonderland:

In the Spring of 2021 I designed Alice in Wonderland at Randolph College under Director Glen Schudel. The production was filmed with the actors on stage with only the production team as an audience. The actors were all required to wear masks which provided a fun and interesting new costume challenge I had not faced before. 

I built Alice's dress by altering a pattern and draping the belt and over the shoulder pieces to get the look I wanted.  I built Lorina's coat and dyed and painted all of the singer's masks worn by the cast. I also made the Cheshire Cat's ears, tails, and smile.​

I dyed Freddie's sweater orange and made his bowtie. I added tails to the coat of the White Rabbit and the March Hare as well as adding ears and embellishing their hats.  I made the Bird's Nest headband and added the hat and pearls to the Pigeon.  Also added all of the patches and hat decorations to the Mad Hatter. I hand sewed all of the white circles to the Mushroom umbrella. 

The Queen of Hearts, Caterpillar, and Mama dress were also built by other team members. 

All show photos credited to Jill Nance Waugh, Randolph College.

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