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The Old City Cemetery Candlelight Tours 2021:

     In the Fall of 2021 I was the Costume  Designer for The Candle Light Tours at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Va. under director Loretta Whitman. The tours were given in the month of October by candle light featuring actors playing local and historical people who are buried there. There were a wide range of time periods and we did a lot of borrowing and buying.  

Some of the character's include:

William Henry Jefferson a freed grave stone carver.

Marion Cabell the daughter of the town Doctor during the Regency Era.

James William Mozee the principal of a local school

Hanna Raesch a German immigrant who loves to polka.

Rebecca Murphy and William Calloway one of the members and the co creator of the Dorchester Home, a home created to take care of older freed African American women. 

Dr. John Jay Terrell and Nurse Jackson who worked in the Pest House against smallpox during the Civil War

All of the Tour Guides were also people who had been buried in the cemetery and each had their own unique story and costume. 



All show photos credited to LuAnn Hunt Photography. 

Featured Article:  Old City Cemetery Candlelight Tours Article-October 2021 

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