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The Old City Cemetery Candlelight Tours 2023:

     In the Fall of 2023 I was the Costume  Designer for The Candle Light Tours at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Va. under director Melora Kordos. The tours were given in the month of October by candle light featuring actors playing local and historical people who are buried there. There were a wide range of time periods and we did a lot of borrowing and buying, and some building.  

Some of the character's include:

Lizzie  Chambers Hall, and African American poet  who wrote on civil rights and equality. 

 Essie Bruffy, a 1920s murder victim.

Harriet Burton, a local midwife

Captain James Wilkerson who captained a river boat.

Judy Rieves, an African American cook who sold her pies at the city market.

George Wilkinson, an African American Boy Scout Leader


All show photos credited to LuAnn Hunt Photography. 

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