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She Kills Monsters: The Virtual Realms:

In the Spring of 2021 I designed She Kills Monsters: The Virtual Realms at Sweet Briar College under Director Bill Kershner.  The production was done via a live Zoom, the production photos were staged after.  

I built the dragon scale armor for Tilly, since she is Tiamat at the end of the play (spoiler) using a pattern I bought on Etsy.  A student and I worked to build Tilly's cape.  I also draped, built, and painted Agnes' armor for the show. I and a student worked on Orcus's shoulder pauldrons. They are made from leather and I used a cosplay pattern. I also painted Orcus'  and Lilith's horns.  I made Kaliope's bracers from leather using a cosplay pattern.

For the Great Mage Steve I used one of my personal vests, that I had previously built. I also used one of my personal capes that I built for the Narrator. 

Farrah's dress had gold spray painted leaves and flowers sewn to it. I also textured and painted the Evil Cheerleader's wings, as well as distressing their cheer uniforms.

All show photos credited to Kye Hayslett  Photography. 

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