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The Old City Cemetery Candlelight Tours 2020: 

  In the Fall of 2020 I was the Costume  Designer for The Candle Light Tours at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Va. The tours were given in the month of October by candle light featuring actors playing local and historical people who are buried there. There were a wide range of time periods and we did a lot of borrowing, some buying, and a few builds.  This was put on for smaller Covid safe crowds as well as filmed for online use. 

Some of the character's include:

 Armistead Beckham, a young almost three year old Civil War refugee who died in Lynchburg. He is played by an older gentlemen but my assistant and I built his costume that I designed based on an old photo of a small Victorian child.

Virginia Randolph and Lugie Ferguson two African American suffragrattes and two of the first African American Women to vote in the 1920 election in Lynchburg. 

Susan Blackford, a Civil War woman who worked to nurse soldiers back to health. 

Lt. Francis Grey a Revolutionary War soldier.

Phillip Morgan a local shoe shiner.

A skit about John Murray's murder in 1901.  In which I built an Edwardian Riding Coat from a pattern

and the story of a Scottish Blacksmith who traveled to Lynchburg from Scotland and died here. 

All of the Tour Guides were also people who had been buried in the cemetery and each had their own unique story and costume. 



All show photos credited to LuAnn Hunt Photography. 

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