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A Christmas Carol:


In the Winter of 2019 I was the Costume Shop Manager/ Additional Designer for A Christmas Carol at the American Shakespeare Center under director Stephanie Holladay Earl. We used the Original Designs from Designer Jenny McNee but I was responsible for designing any new costumes needed for the new cast members.


I redesigned the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. We wanted to make the Ghost a character that had been living in the graveyard for hundreds of years and slowly decaying himself. We really liked the idea of a statue that had been weathered and molded. The actor was on stilts which helped make him towering and imposing. We started with a base and added layers of greys, tans, blacks, and whites fabric gauze. We cut and shredded these pieces next. We used color remover to fade the colors and then dip dyed the layers in greys, blues, and purples. I ice dyed several strips in blues, greens, yellows, and purples to get and natural weathered look. We used bleach to "rotten" the holes in the black fabric. We then painted the skull we bought to match the color tone of the rest of the costume. Then we distressed the costume by dripping paint on it standing above it and dripping it down, to mimic how it would occur in nature. 

  I also designed and draped Mrs. Fred costume, I designed Mrs. Cratchit's costume as well. I choose the Regency Ball looks and added trim to several of them. I also built Scrooge's night cap and painted and distressed the Charwoman's bag for the Prop team. 

All Show Photos are Courtesy of the American Shakespeare Center and Lindsay Walters Photography

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