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Little Shop of Horrors:

In the Spring of 2018 I was the Costume Designer for Little Shop of Horrors at Randolph College under director Patrick Earl. I designed for the show and kept up with the budget and paperwork. I purchased and pulled for the show as well as working with students to build what was needed.

  The look for our Little Shop was a modern rock feel. I also worked to add florals and certain flowers for each character.

   For example Ronnette had Iris tattoo on her arm for eloquence, Chiffon had red roses on her leather jacket, a staple for rock-n-roll. Crystal had a sunflower, a bright and cheerful flower that also means haughtiness.

   I designed the daisy print skirt fabric on Spoonflower for Audrey in the second act, her flower was a daisy for true love and innocence.

   I also designed the T-shirt graphic that was put on one of the ensemble members who were ladies of the night.

All Show Photography was taken by Hope Maddox

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