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Romeo and Juliet:


 I designed on Romeo and Juliet at the American Shakespeare Center in  2022.  This show  was  directed by Jose Zayas. This show was set in modern times and with the masque scene as an Elizabethan costume party.

All of this show was bought and pulled.  To go with the typical use of blue as the Montague color, the Montague court featured blues, greys, blue jeans, plaids, and stripes. Meanwhile to follow with the Capulet red, that court of characters largely stays in the red, floral print,  solid tones, khaki,  and bronze world. The court of the Prince featured greens, with Paris picking up hints of red from his association with the Capulets and Mercutio taking on stripes because of his friendship with Romeo. 


After the intermission of the show the cast transition into black versions of their looks for their mourning attire as death takes their loved ones. 




All Show Photos are Courtesy of the American Shakespeare Center and Anna Kariel Photography.

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