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The Sea Voyage:

In the Fall of 2019 I was the Costume Designer for The Sea Voyage at Randolph College under director Patrick Earl. I set the show in the Regency Era.

  I pulled the dress for Aminta but I draped, patterned, and built the blue Pelisse that she wears.

   For Clarinda I ombre-dyed the skirt and added more orange in. I also built her fish net over dress and leather bracers and belt.

   For Rosellia, the Queen of the Amazons, I draped her leather corset and other pieces on the dress form and built them, I also painted the skull I purchased for the show.

   I dip dyed all of the Amazon's skirts, several I had to color remove the original color and put an orange layer on top. I also draped Crocale's leather bra.

   The students and Shop Manager at Randolph worked to build several pieces on the show including: Franville, Lamure, and Raymond's vest, Raymond's coat, Juletta's spencer coat, as well as some of the Amazon's leather belts and the bone jewelry they wear during the altar scene.

  I dyed the fabric we used for the Franville vest and built the belt pauldrons for Crocale and Aminta. I also did the sunbleaching and distressing on Sebastian and Nicusa's costumes.

All Show Photography was taken by Hope Maddox

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